The jewels from the Leopard collection is the result of the unique skills of our craftsmen, as they shape jewellery from tree-dwelling termite mounds.
An ecological ivory resin is introduced into each gallery, making for a random and surprising effect after polishing, so that each piece is unique. A perfect, chic combination with aged gold plating on all the jewellery in the collection.

All our jewellery is handcrafted in our family workshop. Nature Bijoux pieces are created by the French designer Amaury Christin.
Each piece of jewellery is unique and can offer variations in tones compared with the pictures.

Leopard collection

Succumb to the charm of the graphic effects in the Leopard collection, highlighting a skill that is unique to Nature Bijoux: the termite mound! Termite mounds and ivory resin are perfectly combined to produce unique jewellery after polishing. A chic and elegant combination with aged gold-plating.

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