40th anniversary Nature Bijoux

It may sound amusing to talk about the early days; obviously at the time we did not grasp the full implications of our expectations.
We are committed to the values that we want the brand NATURE to convey, and we have always strived to grow as truly independent, creative and responsible craftspeople.
To claim and shoulder the responsibility of creating all our jewelry from scratch, we had to discover new trades, learn and hone new techniques and pass these on to the next generation. 40 years is twice 20 years.
Our commitment to quality and creativity supported the slow rise in range, and over the years, it helped NATURE to find a stable place in an original and unique positioning.
It would have been impossible to develop our 2,000 collections without the trust and loyalty of our enthusiastic customers. We would like to express our warmest gratitude to each and every one of you.
Rest assured that, together, we will continue to champion Nature otherwise.

Jean-Daniel, Manuelle, Simon, Amaury
and the whole Nature Bijoux team

A new logo for our anniversary

To properly celebrate 40 years of Nature Bijoux, we naturally thought of creating a logo. Why? To mark the event and look back on the four decades that shaped Nature Bijoux. And because it is an opportunity to tell you a little bit more about ourselves!

We kept the typeface of our logo, but we chose to use a soft green, a colour that symbolises nature and what we are. Orange was also an obvious choice as it is a bright colour which, for us, represents joy, warmth and optimism and also evokes nature’s omnipresent colour as seen in sunsets, flowers and natural stones.

And, just to let you in a little more on the mystery, we’ve stylised a fern, a plant which is often found in lush vegetation and especially in the Philippines, where Nature Bijoux’s creative studio and workshop are located. The fern is also a reminder that the diversity and expression of natural materials is at the core of Nature Bijoux’s concept.

Prize Draw finish

Win a stay for 3 days and 2 nights for 2 people
in a PELLA ROCA cabin & spa won on the occasion of our 40th anniversary.

Congratulations to the winner !

Our Limited Editions!

Because our aim is to always surprise and amaze you, and faithful to our perfect craftsmanship, we’ve created 10 Special 40th anniversary Limited Editions necklaces ! These necklaces are no longer available but you will find all our new Limited Editions with the know-how and spirit of Nature Bijoux. Original compositions, bold volumes and the use of unusual materials.

A special thank you to all our customers who have been loyal to us for 40 years!

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Our story