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Ever more surprising in terms of their origins, transformation and design, our stories are draw on a selection of materials in tune with nature. These materials are lovingly chosen by the creator so as to constantly come up with fresh new stories. Every jewel, from choker to long necklace, through earrings and rings, is created by hand with unparalleled craftsmanship.

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Rich, unique and sophisticated

Discover a story dedicated to earrings. Refined creations, made by hand with natural materials such as howlite, agate or lapis lazuli. Chic and easy to wear earrings.

Terre & Mer

New, rich and offbeat

An authentic story where the shock of materials and colors makes sense. An exclusive know-how on all these assumed and creative jewels.

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Voluptuous, ethnic and intense

A voluptuous story where coconut creates volume; the pearl of culture, the brilliant and the aquamarine, the depth. Travel through the natural materials that come together beautifully.


Stylish, authentic and elegant

Handcrafted jewelry with Jade, Howlite and White Mother of Pearl. The contrast of matte and gloss reinforces the wild side of this unique style story.

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Stylish, graphic and modern

A story in green tones that offers jewelry to the combination of amazing materials such as vegetal ivory, Tahitian mother-of-pearl and resin, for a colorful and graphic look.


Fresh, intense and fine

Handcrafted jewelery with unique materials and textures that transport you to a Syberian winter atmosphere. Agate, Lapis lazuli and Amethyst add a precious touch to this collection.

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