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Ever more surprising in terms of their origins, transformation and design, our stories are draw on a selection of materials in tune with nature. These materials are lovingly chosen by the creator so as to constantly come up with fresh new stories. Every jewel, from choker to long necklace, through earrings and rings, is created by hand with unparalleled craftsmanship.


Elegant, raw and sophisticated

Take a journey in the sunshine of Calabria all the way to the town of Catanzaro in southern Italy. Reflecting a sun-filled region, our designer Amaury has taken inspiration from the peaceful landscapes to create a refined and subtle collection.


Gourmet, soft and modern

The charm of the Copenhague collection comes from its asymmetric, quirky and unique style! This range of jewellery features an asymmetrical combination of semi-precious materials in soft colours, helping to make it so different and original.


Graphic, textured and bright

Choose the Leopard jewellery collection, hand-made from tree-dwelling termite mounds, along with a light-coloured resin to produce a random result when polished and making each piece truly unique. One-of-a-kind expertise, exclusive to Nature Bijoux.


Sparkling, rich and powerful

The Mestisa jewellery collection is named after the word for mixed race in Visayan, a language spoken in the Philippines, as well as the name of one of the most important regions in the Philippine archipelago. This form of diversity, this beautiful blend of materials and colours provided the inspiration for Amaury, the Nature Bijoux designer, to make three combinations of different natural materials.


Modern, graphic and light

Just as prestigious as the Parisian theatre that inspired it, the Mogador jewellery collection comes in a bright red colour made from brown mother-of-pearl with gold highlights, as if to recall the decoration and seating in the majestic theatre, which has been the stuff of dreams for the greatest artists.


Colorful, unique and radiant

The Philippines jewellery collections takes it force of character from its colours, inspired by the archipelago of the same name and highlighting three of the island’s signature fruits, each with a matching colour.
The Philippines collection is also available in green for the Calamansi lime, in purple in reference to the mangosteen fruit and in orange for the sweet flesh of the papaya.

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