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Ever more surprising in terms of their origins, transformation and design, our stories are draw on a selection of materials in tune with nature. These materials are lovingly chosen by the creator so as to constantly come up with fresh new stories. Every jewel, from choker to long necklace, through earrings and rings, is created by hand with unparalleled craftsmanship.


Intense, precious and unique

Combining the earth and the sea, treat yourself to our midnight-blue jewellery in the Abyss collection, featuring a duo of natural materials, the iridescent reflections of black mother-of-pearl and the deep blue of lapis lazuli. A range of jewellery featuring the pure DNA of the Nature Bijoux brand.


Stylish, delicate and unique

Discover the elegance, softness and singular style of the Ivory collection, combining mother-of-pearl, howlite and bone. A range of natural, fine and delicate jewellery with beautiful golden metal strands, created by the French designer Amaury.

Poisson Rouge

Quirky, artistic and unabashed

Dare to be original with the Poisson Rouge jewellery collection! A light and artistic range where orange and red fish shapes are illuminated by black agate and fish skin. Powerful jewellery, unique in its kind.


Powerful, rich and charismatic

Choose the ethnic jewellery collection Pokhara, inspired by a city in Nepal. A collection blending some 12 natural materials to bring you jewellery with unique and ever-more surprising designs.


Modern, graphic and light

The Rouge jewellery collection is part of a new creative approach at Nature Bijoux, where designer and craftsmen work hand in hand. Discover the multifaceted collection of red jewellery to add character and a design touch to your outfits!


Modern, graphic and light

Light and fashionable, the Wenge jewellery collection is a geometric version of the Rouge collection, where the designer and the craftsman have worked hand in hand to produce a new creative conception in jewellery with a wood veneer.

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