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Our latest collections

Echappée Belle

Warm, translucent and elegant

This collection arose from an urge to experiment with the four most beautiful types of nacre. A translucent story of soft, soothing shapes. A wide selection of earrings that blend nacres of black, white, brown and golden hues.

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Trendy, feminine and elegant

A story that’s all Nature, hand-crafted in the Apache style. Indiana brings out the essence of wood, particularly in the long necklaces.


Wabi Sabi

Bold, strong and creative

Wabi sabi is a Japanese expression denoting an aesthetic concept derived from the principles of Zen buddhism.


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The Brand

Let Nature Bijoux sweep you away and set you apart!
Nature Bijoux is constantly reinventing itself to
give you original stories in harmony with nature!

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Step into the world of
Nature Bijoux

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