Cookies, what are they ?2018-03-06T09:03:00+01:00

Before browsing the site we ask you to accept our cookie policy. Indeed, cookies are files containing information about the web pages you have visited. They make it easier to browse our site by saving data such as the products you have viewed or your login credentials. In order to better understand your needs, we use cookies.

How to take care of my jewels Nature?2018-03-06T09:01:56+01:00

We attach great importance to the making of our jewelry made entirely by hand using natural materials. Each piece is unique in its origin and design. Find more information on the various modes of creation and manufacturing on our website.
Take care of your jewel, avoid contact with water and

What are the security and privacy rules?2018-03-06T09:00:39+01:00

You may use our site without depositing personal information if you do not create your account. If you want to place an order, the creation of the account is necessary. In this case, we collect the necessary data for billing and delivery of your order: your name, address, email address, telephone number.

What is the guarantee of jewelry nature jewelry?2018-03-06T08:59:07+01:00

We guarantee our jewelry for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. After this time we will be able to offer you a repair at the best price.

How can I contact customer service?2018-03-06T08:58:00+01:00

The customer service can be reached by telephone on 05 63 23 09 23. Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00 and from 9:00 to 13:00 on Friday or via the contact form.

Why can not I select my shipping method?2018-03-06T08:48:21+01:00

If you are unable to select the delivery method you can send us a message with your email address so that solve the problem.

Why can’t I validate my shopping basket ?2018-03-06T08:46:49+01:00

If you have trouble ordering, we advise you to use a computer. If the problem persists do not hesitate to contact us we will do our best to solve this problem.

How to add a new address?2018-03-06T08:45:04+01:00

In your profile you can add, edit and delete all the addresses you want.

How to search for a product with a particular material?2018-03-06T08:44:05+01:00

On the shop Nature bijoux you can filter your search by subject at the bottom left.

How to register in my account if I lost my password?2018-03-06T08:42:51+01:00

Below the password field you will find a clickable link entitled “Forgotten password” you can click on it and reset your password.

Why do I not receive any mail?2018-03-06T08:40:59+01:00

If you do not receive a confirmation email from us, it is possible that your email address is incorrectly entered. We also advise you to check your spam before contacting our customer service on 05 63 23 09 23.

Is it possible to modify or delete my account?2018-03-06T08:39:45+01:00

You can completely delete your account when you want, just send us a message via the contact form we will change your account within 2 working days.

How to create an account ?2018-03-06T08:38:22+01:00

On the home page at the top right, click on the icon my account. Then click on the link to create my account. A form is displayed, fill in the fields of the form and click on “Validate”. You can also create an account during the validation of your basket.

Can I place orders without risks ?2018-03-06T08:36:32+01:00

The transmission of information on the site takes place in a secure context, using the protocols in force on the Internet. Payment card numbers are not retained.

How to add a promo code?2018-03-06T08:35:24+01:00

The promo code is to be entered during step 1 of the purchase tunnel with the summary of your order. Wait a moment the amount of the order will update automatically. Please make sure your code is still valid before contacting our customer service.

What are the payment options available ?2018-03-06T08:34:32+01:00

Payment can be made by credit card with 3D secure and Paypal. Some foreign cards may be rejected. In this case, we invite you to try again with another means of payment.

How to pay for my order?2018-03-06T08:32:37+01:00

To pay for your order you must create an account on the Nature Bijoux site. We do not offer payments in multiple installments. If you encounter a problem to connect or to order, contact us at05 63 23 09 23. or via the contact form.

I was wrong in my return request what to do?2018-03-06T08:31:26+01:00

In this case, we invite you to contact our customer service as soon as possible on 05 63 23 09 23. or by message via the contact form.

How long to return my package2018-03-06T08:29:31+01:00

You have 14 days upon receipt of your order to return your items.

How long to be reimbursed?2018-03-06T08:28:18+01:00

Remember that you are responsible for the return of your package until it arrives at our premises. Wait 14 working days for it to reach us. An email will then be sent to inform you of the good reception of your return.
Your return will be processed within 4 business days of receipt and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Our return procedure requires us to process your return before refunding it. After this step we will refund your package.

Any purchase made on our online store can not be exchanged or refunded in our shops in France or at one of our resellers.

In which cases are the shipping costs reimbursed?2018-03-06T08:27:03+01:00

Our return procedure requires us to process your return before refunding it. After this check we will analyze if the reimbursement of postage can be made.

How to exchange a jewel ?2018-03-06T08:25:21+01:00

Si vous exercez votre délai de rétractation, nous pourrons vous échanger votre bijou sous conditions particulières, merci de prendre directement contact avec le SAV au 05 63 23 09 23. ou via notre formulaire de contact.

If you use your withdrawal period, we will be able to exchange your jewel under special conditions, please contactdirectly the after-sales service at 05 63 23 09 23. or via our contact form.

How to return an order?2019-12-17T10:20:19+01:00

Follow the steps, to make a return:

1: Go to the Nature Bijoux website, log in to your account.

2: Click on “My orders” and then on the “Back” button

3: Select the products to return by adding the reason for the return.

4: Put the products back in the package and close the package carefully

5: The parcel must be returned to the following address:

Nature jewelry
279 Avenue of Germany
82000 Montauban

6: Deposit your package at a post office of your choice.

Shipping costs are at your expense except special conditions.
Returns are processed as soon as possible upon receipt of the package. Once the package received count about 14 days before the refund of it.

Can you deliver to business addresses?2018-03-06T08:21:14+01:00

We deliver to your home and also to your work place. In both cases, make sure someone is there to pick up your package.

What happens if I am absent during delivery of my order?2018-03-06T08:20:09+01:00

If you are absent during the delivery of your order, the carrier will leave you a notice informing you how to pick up your package. We advise you to check the tracking of your order with the tracking number.

I made several orders in the day is it possible to consolidate all my orders?2018-03-06T08:19:07+01:00

It all depends on when you made your various orders. We may in some cases group them and in the other case you will receive several packages.

Can I cancel a delivery?2018-03-06T08:17:41+01:00

You can change the day of delivery on the carrier’s website if you are absent or then recover the notice left in your mailbox. But you can not cancel a delivery in progress, moreover the address entered during the payment can not be modified afterwards.

In which countries do you ship?2018-03-06T08:16:24+01:00

We deliver in Metropolitan France, Europe, Dom Tom and World.

What are the costs and shipping times?2018-03-06T08:15:06+01:00

Our delivery service is provided by Colissimo and Chronopost carriers. You will find below the details of the prices by carrier.


France at home: 2 to 3 working days according to your region – price: 7 €
France in relay points: 2 to 3 working days according to your region – price: 5 €
Europe / Dom Tom at home: 3 to 7 working days – price: 12 €
Europe in relay points 3 to 7 working days – price: 11 €
World: 4 to 10 working days – price: 28 € (excluding customs fees)


Chrono 13h: delivery at home the next day before 13h: 20 €
Chrono Express: home delivery from 1 to 3 days in Europe (excluding France): 30 €

What are the delivery ways?2018-03-06T08:13:09+01:00

We offer two types of delivery, standard delivery and express delivery.


– Standard delivery at home with Colissimo

– Standard delivery in relay point with Colissimo

– Express delivery home with Chronopost


Express and Colissimo delivery fees are not offered for returns except special conditions.

How to find an old collection on the site?2018-03-06T08:11:01+01:00

You can contact us directly with the reference of the product you are looking for, it is possible that we have it in stock even if it is an old collection.

Where to find more informations on a product ?2018-03-06T08:09:43+01:00

You will find the maximum of information on our product sheet, we give you a description of the jewel accompanied by photos. You will also find the materials used for each product at the bottom right of the product sheet.

Do you have a real shop?2018-03-06T08:08:06+01:00

We have many Nature Bijoux shop through our retailers. To find the shop closest to you, we invite you to click on this link.

What are the materials used?2018-03-06T08:06:49+01:00

You can find all the materials used on the website on the page of a product.

What is the différence between selection and my shopping basket ?2018-03-06T08:05:45+01:00

The selection corresponds to your wish list. It allows you to select products. It facilitates your selection of fancy jewelry for the day of the order.

How long do my products stay in my shopping basket?2018-03-06T08:03:41+01:00

The products will remain in your cart for about 60 days unless stocks are updated. After this period, we invite you to revisit our Nature Bijoux site to redo a selection.

What is the quality of your products?2018-03-06T08:01:32+01:00

Craftsman and designer since 1982, we are very concerned with the quality of nature jewelry products. We carefully select the materials we use. We shape and assemble a multitude of components: made of natural materials. Thanks to our jewels we offer moments thought for women, stories all out of the ordinary, authentic and fusion with nature.

How to get an invoice?2018-03-06T07:59:18+01:00

To get your bill you can login to your account by clicking on my orders.

How long is my order shipped?2018-03-06T07:57:23+01:00

All orders placed before 12 noon (Monday to Friday) are picked up the same day. Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays are picked up on Mondays. All orders placed after 12 noon will be processed first on the next business day.


We inform you by e-mail as soon as your order has been shipped, you can then track your package on the carriers’ websites or on our website in the “My account” and then “My orders” section.

What to do when my order is late ?2018-03-06T07:53:55+01:00

You can track your package with the tracking number. If your package is blocked or late, you can contact us directly so that we get closer to the selected carrier.

What to do when my jewel has arrived broken?2018-03-06T07:52:41+01:00

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and we invite you to contact our customer service as soon as possible with the number of your order at 05 63 23 09 23or via the contact form. We will then do what is necessary to return the jewel quickly (depending on available stocks).

What to do when an item is missing in my order?2018-03-06T07:50:12+01:00

We do our best to send you all the jewels in one package. But, it is possible that in some cases an article arrives later. In this case, we inform you by email that your order is delivered in two times.


If, however the product is missing, we invite you to contact us directly by phone at 05 63 23 09 23 or via the contact form.

Thank you to indicate the number of your order so that we can answer you faster.

Where is my order ?2018-03-06T07:46:58+01:00

After ordered on the website, you can follow the status of your order in “My account”, then in “My orders”. Thanks to the tracking number of the carrier that you received by email you can follow your package until delivery.

I didn’t receive a mail of confirmation, why ?2018-03-06T07:45:32+01:00

We advise you to verify your spam e-mails, it is possible that the e-mail of confirmation did not reach you, in this case you can send a message via the form of contact by specifying your name, first name and the e-mail used during the registration.

Can I change my order ?2018-03-06T07:43:32+01:00

You can not change your order on the website, once the payment is approved.

However, we invite you to contact the customer service as quickly as possible via the form of contact or directly by telephone to 05 63 23 09 23.